Searching for Tier 1 Gold Deposits in South Korea

한국에서 '세계적 수준의'고급 금은 매장량 검색.

Southern Gold is a company with one unified vision: to become an internationally recognised high-grade gold-silver project generator in South Korea. We want to be known for our highly professional technical team which has a reputation for making valuable discoveries in a manner that shows respect for our operating environment and the local people.

Southern Gold 는 하나의 통일 된 비전을 가진 회사입니다. 한국에서 국제적으로 인정받는 금은 탐험가가되고, 운영 환경 및 민감한 사회적 맥락.

Our Company


We manage Southern Gold to the benefit of our owners, the shareholders, with a focus on Total Shareholder Return.

우리는 총 주주 수익에 초점을 맞추어 주주들을 위해 서던 골드 (Southern Gold) 를 관리합니다.

Korean Project Generation Model

The geological and tectonic setting of the Southern Korean peninsula is prospective for epithermal terranes which are located in transtensional volcanosedimentary pull-apart basins in the central to south portion of the Korean Pensinsula, developed in association with a Cretaceous continental arc setting.