Access to Kochang Gold Project

01 March 2018

Bluebird RNS: Access to Kochang Gold Project and Main Vein Achieved

 Bluebird Merchant Ventures release to London Stock Exchange

 Access to mineralised veins at Kochang confirmed

 Excellent ground conditions at lowest level of access

 Mapping and sampling to commence in 2 weeks

Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd Public Release

Southern Gold Ltd (“Southern Gold”) advises that its development partner, London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd (“Bluebird”), has released some information through the LSE information distribution platform, RNS. The information in this latest RNS is in regard to Southern Gold’s Kochang Gold Project in South Korea in which Bluebird is currently earning a 50% interest. The RNS can be seen on their website at:

The results or statements in this RNS have not been verified by the Southern Gold board as at the time of writing.

Bluebird is currently investing US$500,000 in the advancement of the historic Kochang Gold Mine principally by defining a development framework to advance the project on capital costs of less than US$10 million. The report and development framework is due to be submitted to Southern Gold within 12 months. Bluebird or its associates are to complete a placement in Southern Gold to the value of A$0.25 million at $0.386/share before 31 May 2018. See Southern Gold ASX release dated 13 February 2018 for further details.

To read the full announcement please download the pdf below:

20180301 Kochang Project, South Korea - Bluebird RNS Released