Southern Gold - Replacement Prospectus - Non-Renounceable Rights Issue

27 June 2019

Replacement Prospectus: Non-Renounceable Rights Issue

Southern Gold Limited (ASX:SAU) has been requested to provide a Replacement Prospectus, intended to replace the prospectus lodged on 17 June 2019.

A copy of the Replacement Prospectus was lodged with ASIC on 27 June 2019. This Replacement Prospectus replaces the original prospectus lodged with ASIC on 17 June 2019 and is issued to amend the Chairman’s Letter.

The timetable in the Replacement Prospectus has been changed to reflect the change in the dispatched date to Shareholders on Thursday 27 June, but otherwise remains unchanged.

The Replacement Prospectus is attached and Southern Gold confirms that the Replacement Prospectus and accompanying Application Forms were today dispatched to shareholders.

Please download the replacement prospectus via the link below:

Replacement Prospectus Non Renounceable Rights Issue