Hampyeong Gold & Silver Project

Hampyeong project is a good example of greenfields targeting. The project covers the western sector of a 120 sq. km Cretaceous volcano-sedimentary basin that is bounded by the north-east trending transpressional Yeongdong Fault Zone of the Ogcheon Fold Belt.

KIGAM mapping suggests there are a number of small porphyry feeder plugs. These intrusions are probably part of the Cretaceous Bulgugsa igneous event and have been interpreted to be responsible for the generation of hydrothermal systems and potential epithermal gold mineralisation. The “pull-apart” basin is interpreted to be a fault bounded graben structure, with the western boundary a fault contact with Jurassic Daebo granitoids.

Preliminary field reconnaissance has identified a number of corridors of hydrothermal alteration. Furthermore, a number of new epithermal quartz vein vein structures have been identified, including the A’Cha vein, which shows true width of over 8m wide epithermal quartz veining. Further work at Hampyeong includes post winter field traverses and drill testing veins in the district.