Korean Project Generation

Southern Gold considers South Korea as highly prospective for new metalliferous deposit discoveries. Limited systematic modern exploration has been done in the Korean Peninsula, in comparison to similar belts of rocks to the northeast (i.e. parts of Japan and Russia) as well as to the southwest (i.e. in China) that both host numerous significant gold deposits.

Southern Gold also has a number of key people with proven discovery experience globally as well as within South Korea, including Advisor Doug Kirwin (ex-Ivanhoe VP Exploration and discovery of Eunsan/Moisan deposits) and Exploration Manager Dr Chris Bowden (PhD on Ivanhoe’s epithermal assets in South Korea). Southern Gold believes that with the use of modern exploration methodologies and experienced people with proven discovery track records, gives it a significant strategic advantage to develop, recognise strategic assets for acquisition, and explore for deposits in South Korea.

Southern Gold’s portfolio of tenements in South Korea includes a significant number of historical gold mines. Brownfields exploration is done in and around these areas to test for further mineralisation. The Gubong District and the Yengodong District are good examples of near-mine brownfields exploration.

In addition to near-mine brownfields exploration, Southern Gold is also actively generating greenfields targets for consideration. Given the teams prior success and experience, as well as significant network connections in South Korea, new projects can be rapidly assessed to determine if they should proceed to further work, including field reconnaissance, new tenement applications, consideration of Joint Venture opportunities and drill testing.